Lesson #41

 Topics Covered:
  1. Jaimini Upadesa Sutras:
  2. Use of Navamsa (Dharmamsa) to understand characteristics of a person.
  3. Example Chart 1: Male, Apr 4 1970; 17:47:13; Machilipatnam India. 530 East GMT
  4. Example Chart 2: Male, May 26 1988, 7:27:54 AM 530 East GMT, Secunderbad, India. 78E30 17N27.
  5. Example Chart 3: Male, Oct 28 1955, 21:21:30 8 West GMT, 122W20 47N36
  6. Example Chart 4: Pope John Paul II, May 18 1920, 17:30 2 East GMT 19E30 49N53

Key Points:

  1. Jaimini   –   was   a   student   of   Parasara.   Considered   a contemporary as well.
  2. Jaimini’s Sutras – are codified, terse and cryptic. Slokas are not to be read and interpreted as written.
  3. But, these have been codified in a numerical format – encryption and compression together.
  4. What  is  that  encryption  and  compression?  –  Katapayadi scheme.
  5. Take letters ka, Kha, Ga, Gha, Na (and so on) – Assign values 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 0. Split the word into individual letters and write the corresponding numbers below them. Now, reverse the number obtained and divide the result by 12. Remainder gives the target house which Jaimini is talking about (for more details, refer Jaimini Upadesa Sutras by Pt Sanjay Rath)
  1. For example, “Labha” is the 11th house, using the “katapayadi”      scheme,      we      decode      it      as “La bha”. 4 => reverse => becomes 43 => divide by 12 => remainder = 7. Jaimini is talking about the 7th house.
  1. Idea was to keep the knowledge safe from people who could misuse it. Now, the trend is to distribute it. Hence, it was codified. Some aspects are codified and some are not.
  2. There are many translations, Original commentator was Neelakantha, I.T. Ranagacharya (has written commentaries in Sanskrit and English), T.S. Sastry and Translations by Pt Sanjay Rath are discussed here.

Use of Navamsa (Dharmamsa) to understand characteristics of a person:

  1. Example of Swargarohana Parva from Mahabharatha. Dog in the story represents Yama (dharma raja, protector of dharma) who was testing Yudhisthira if he would forget the dog (and thus his dharma) upon reaching the gates of heaven since it had equal right to enter swarga as him.
  2. Sa represents Yama. Dogs are shown by Sa. Sa shows discipline and sincerity. Sa impassionately follows dharma.
  3. Sa in 9th means a suspicious person who wants to know very clearly what his dharma is. Once he understands it, he is tenacious and will fulfill it even if it is a long journey.
  4. Yama and Prajapati are the adi-devata and pratyadi-devatas of Sa. Yama is Sa’s elder brother (Agraja).
  5. 9th house – Dharma carried from the past life to the present. In other words, it is Punya from the past life. Whatever potential you had in the past life. Things which you did in the past life may come very easily to you in the present life, example, Mozart composing/playing at a very young age. This is shown by Navamsa Lagna or trines to Navamsa Lagna.

Guidelines   for   planets   aspecting   (Rasi   Drishti)   or   occupying Navamsa Lagna or trines to it.

  1. First stanza, Su in Swamsa. Su represents, king, government authority. Su should be in Navamsa ASC or trines to it.
  2. Su – good administrative capability. Su – is the king, says you do this and expects it to get done.
  3. Ve – Management – rules over demons – like the project manager doing micro management.
  4. Mo + Ve give all luxuries in life – educator. Teacher or a person who is involved in education. Indicates Luxuries and opulence.
  5. Ma in trines gives good knowledge about metallurgy, warfare and hot headed person.
  6. Me makes a good business, trading and a good student.
  7. Ju is karma yogi, wide knowledge with specialization in one, wise. Tends to be expansive regardless of any house he occupies.
  8. Ve also gives government official, virile and long lived (upto 100yrs). Ve has the blessing of Mrutyunjaya. One of the Dwadasa Jyotirlingas, “trayambakeshwar” is associated with Pi where Ve is exalted, hence the link.
  9. Sa gives  success in any line of activity, hard working, disciplined.
  10. Raproduces hief/bowman/dacoity/cheating/handles poisonous dangerous chemicals/medicines/manufacturing/big machines.
  11. Ra is called Guha, one who hides.
  1. Ke signifies small machines. Earning through elephant (modes of communication, transportation) and swindler. Ke is an extreme form of Ma.
  2. Swamsa  –  can  be  ASC  (Lagnamsa)  or  AK  (Karakamsa).

Generally, Navamsa of self (Swa) it can be both, mostly it is Lagnamsa.

  1. “Dharmo Rakshati Rakshitah” – past life blessings (Navamsa) protects you in the present. Abilities that I have, come to me as a blessing.
  2. Rasi Drishti will show that which will manifest at all times. Graha Drishti manifest only during the maha dasa/antardasa of a particular planet.
  3. SL shows the blessings of Sri Lakshmi.

Example Chart 1:

  1. Su and Ke are in trines. Sa is in exchange with Su, which can show a traditionalist, working hard and consequently gets a lot of pain.
  2. Ke – Good knowledge about computers, small instruments, swindler.
  3. Take ASC as the reference point and look at Rasi Drishti and the trines.
  4. Planets on both sides of ASC forming Kartari, it’s almost as if they are in ASC. Hence, Me + Ve and Mo also have an impact on the Lagna. Note – it must be Kartari for this to happen.
  1. So, because of the above observation, Me =>Good student and Ve + Mo => luxuries and teaching.
  2. Ve is Fine arts. Me likes to copy. So, An artist who draws well, combination turns out to be Me + Ve.
  3. If it is a creative person, then it is Ve alone in ASC or trines to Navamsa Lagna.

Example Chart 2:

  1. Navamsa Lagna is in Sc – Ve + Ju + Ke with Mo in trines.
  2. Ve – critical minded, Good visual memory, read between the lines. Ve (Jala tatwa planet) in a watery sign is good for creativity.
  3. Ke – spirituality.
  4. Ju, Ke – dual guru yoga. Parivartana between Ju and Ma.
  5. Mo – good teacher, singing (artistic ability).
  6. Exalted Su on the ASC – Social worker.
  7. Total of 7 planets aspecting or conjoining the Navamsa Lagna shows such people are very talented. Things come very effortlessly to them.
  8. What is seen from Navamsa Lagna can also be seen from AL. Discussion regarding Arudhas in a later class to follow.
  1. Talent is manifested during the periods of the planets. Effects of antardasa brings forth the potential promised by the maha dasa. Also see Yogas and to what extent.
  2. Special dasa called Lagnamsaka dasa, in NAVAMSA which will show when these abilities are physically fructified.
  3. Note on Parivartana – you need a trigger to make the Parivartana results to manifest. Until then, you will need to see the planets in isolation forgetting the exchange.

Example Chart 3:

  1. Ta rising with Ju in it and Su in trines. Su – good administration.

Ju- Wise, teacher, jack of all master of one.

  1. Ju in ASC in general makes the right calls in all areas of life.
  2. Note: There is trinal Kartari and quadrant Kartari also. Kartari shows balances.
    1. 4th and 10th – shows efforts
    2. 5th and 9th – shows blessings
    3. 2nd and 12th – resources and giving.

ExampleChart4:Pope John Paul II, May 18 1920, 1730 2E GMT 19E30 49N53

  1. Sc rising, Me in ASC, Subha Kartari, Ju + Ve + Ke.
  2. Me => good business man, good occult learner
  3. Ju  +  Ke  =>  somebody  born  to  spread  some  traditional knowledge. Ke=Parampara & continuity, Ju=Vedic Knowledge.
  4. Ke – Moolatrikona is Pi, Matstya stands for rescuing Vedas.
  5. Sa in trine is a traditionalist
  6. Mo in Pi – Good teacher, compassionate.
  7. Mo + Me – acting ability.
  8. Simple sloka without any decoding.

“Tatra Raho RajaKaryaparah” – pretty straightforward, standing for if sun in Swamsa (results already explained above in detail). “Rajakaryaparah” is somebody engaged in kingly duties.

  1. Sloka with decoding “Tathakadayah dharmey” Aquarius Navamsa lakes, tanks, roads, temple Dharmey = dha ma

9      5 => reverse = 59 => remainder = 11th sign is Aquarius Navamsa.

Note this could mean 11th house or 11th sign. Combinations of planets (guidelines continued):

  1. Su + Ra could indicate death due to snake venom. venom can also  be  poison  in  the  body.  A  combination  to  indicate  drug addiction. If benefics are there, then there may be relief or may not happen at all.
  1. If Ma joins such a combination – gives the ability to burn the houses (arsonist). If Ve joins – then it shows fire fighter. (Side note: Ve deity is Maha Lakshmi who holds the Agni samhara mantra. Yogurt or dahi is signified by Ve)
  2. Note about the nature of planets:
    1. Ma – Agni tatwa.
    2. Ju – Akash tatwa.
    3. Ve – Jala tatwa.
    4. Me – Bhoo tatwa.
    5. Sa – Vayu tatwa.
  3. Bear in mind you can use these in Prasna and see who is influencing ASC in the Rasi chart. All knowledge is speculative and so be careful. Unlike Parasara, Jaimini is more secretive and purposely encrypted everything.
  4. Ra + Su + Ma + Ju – people who set fire to their own house. Ju is expansive and likes to spread.
  5. “Guru Drishtey twa samipa gruhaat” – Guru is Maheswara, he is the ultimate destroyer of the whole world.
  6. Sa + Ra = Seller or consumer of betel leaves, alcohol, drugs, or aphrodisiacs
  7. Mo + Ve – produces a sailor
  8. Watery planet indicates ships. Aspect of Ve (natural significator of vehicles) on moon strengthens it.
  9. Gulika in Swamsa – consumes poison or poisons elders, addictive material that is harmful to the body.
  10. Gulika & Mandi – some say that both are same. Uttarakalamritha says so. They are “sons” of Sa and show the misdeeds performed – torture that is embraced and given by you. You could say lot of toxins in the body, not a good combination. In simple words, they indicate, “what goes around comes around”.
  11. Is there anything to nullify it? You have to look at the various planets and worship the house lord in which they are in. You should also see the house lord if he is benefic or not.
  1. Combinations helpful for prasna:
    1. Mo aspecting Gulika – receipt of stolen wealth.
    2. Me aspecting Gulika – disease of the private parts.
  2. Ke aspecting Swamsa – perforation of ear drums. 3rd house is for hearing. 9th from 3rd house is 11th house which is the dharma of the 3rd house. Affliction of the 11th house with Ke in Swamsa (trines) and malefics aspecting Swamsa (Rasi Drishti or trines). Please note 11th house from the 3rd is Lagna.
  3. Ve conjoining Ke – Religious learning, maybe initiated into a

religious order.

  1. Me + Sa conjoining/aspecting Ke – impotency. Me + Sa are eunuchs. Me + Sa or Ve in trines to D7 causes person to be childless. At least 2 planets are necessary to make it happen.
  2. Me aspecting Ke – talkative person, one born to a maid servant or a concubine.


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