Lesson #6. Lessons on Vedic Astrology

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                                                                                                   Lessons on Vedic Astrology 

protection)…7th house is maraka sthana, 8th house is ayur sthana, any malefic afflicting your maraka will be removed and protected by Shiva in the 9th house. Its auspicious to have Shiva sit in the 9th house. 

  1. All mantras, if pronounced correctly, are very auspicious. See which houses need strengthening and figure which mantras are good for you.
  2. If somebody’s job is not working out well, his 10th house is weak and comes to you and says that he is not happy in his job and he is not having the desired success in his job, then take a mantra which has 10 or 22 or 34 letters and see which God will give him success in career and give a mantra for that God.
  3. Identify which God is strong, let’s say 3rd house, if that house is strong, consider a mantra, which is 3 words and 10 letters to give him the desired effects.
  4. Chant as many mantras as you want, personal choice. Depends on what you want, moksha, dharmic work, success in career etc…
  5. If a mantra has ‘n’ letters, then you have to do it n LAKH times, then you will attain “mantra siddhi”.
  6. Me and Ju, first house is auspicious. Su and Mars, 10th house is auspicious.
  7. Any form of Shakti, 3rd house is extremely auspicious. – House of desire and initiative, she will give you all that is necessary to get the job done.
  8. In the hora order ruled by planets having a body. Ra/Ke are except, reason, see below.
  1. Weekday – Agni tatwa and represent physical vitality.

Vaaraadhipathi is important for agni tatwa. Ra/Ke are exceptions to Agni tatwa… they are not given representation.

  1. Tithi – jala tatwa
  2. In Panchanga, Nakshatra, Yoga, Karana, Vaara and Tithi are mapped to Agni, Bhoo, Jala, Vayu and Akasha tatwas. (not in the same order, however)
  3. When you repeat a mantra, certain energies are  generated within you. It need not be Sanskrit alone, so let’s take a Parsi mantra, related to the sacred thread. 
  1. Example of Parsi and Islam mantra: 

shnaotra ahurahe mazda ashame vohu kemna mazda ashame vohu (from avestha, zoroastrian equivalent of vedas) 

Words: 9 

Letters: 21 (9th house)

Devatha sthana: 9th house 

mantra basically related to Dharma, Guru religion righteousness. All weaknesses in the 9th house are removed and 9th house is strengthened. 

* Allahoakbar is same as Namoshivaya. 


Bismillahir rahmanir rahim Letters: 9

Words: 3

Devatha sthana: 9 -3 =6 + 9 = 3rd house. That is what is blessed. 

Energies of 3rd house are taken and diverted to 9th house of Dharma and all this is done by the God of this manta sitting in the 3rd house. 

Mantras are not really specific to Hindu mantras. It applies to any religion.

*Example, Buddhism, Tara Devi, wife of Jupiter, Om Tare dustare turye swaha

1     2 3  4  5 6    7  8   9  10 

Words: 5

Letters: 10

Devatha Sthana = 10 + 10 -5 = 15 = 3rd house. 

Devi in 3rd house is extremely auspicious devatha sthana, takes your abilities and converts them into actions in society. 

*Example, panchadasi mantra, Devi mantra 

Ka-A-ee-lahreem hasakahalahreem sakalahreem||

(pronounce the above word as split) 

Words: 3

Letters: 15 = 3

Devatha sthana: 3rd 3-3-3 mantra,

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