Lesson #42

  1. Sa + Ve + Ke = Tapaswi, who works hard, passionate and headless (detached) in his approach. Pope John Paul too has it.
  2. Sa + Ke indicates a fraud. One who goes about with passion.
  3. Su + Ve aspects karakamsa, royal assignment.
  4. Me aspecting 10th from Swamsa gives results like Sa. Beneficial aspects on 10th house produce stable fortunes. Malefics cause fluctuations.
  5. Su in 10th from Karakamsa aspected by Ju, produces man associated with husbandry, milkman. This, however, may not be too true since the knowledge may have got corrupted over the centuries. Observe, in the example of Gopala, it can mean many things and could be interpreted accordingly.
  1. Tom Dellis speaks about his research of 15 years.

Tom described a very interesting speech on a mathematical algorithm to generate ellipses for each of the planets. All planets are moving in this elliptical cycle. When moon’s node hits the plane of the vernal equinox, events will happen. He has been able to predict events in the stock market as a result of using these algorithms. For more details, please write to Tom.

  1. Puzzle  chart  data  1:  Male;  Jan  20  1968;  2:55  AM  (IST);

Bangalore, India;

  1. Analysis of a puzzle for the correct marriage date out of four possible dates.
  2. Predicting   the financial position using D2 Hora chart with Narayana dasa (D2)
  3. Meaning  of  the  Hora  chart  houses  from  ASC  and meaning of Arudha padas.
  4. Analysis of a big industrialist’s financial status from his D2 hora chart.
  5. Possible marriage dates: Jan 26, 97; Aug 22,99; May 9,

97; Aug 17, 1998

  1. Example Chart 2: Male; June 13.1949; 10:52:04 IST; Palayamkottai, India.
  2. Example Chart 3: Male (Big Industrialist); April 7, 1893; 9:31 Hrs Local Mean Time (5 hrs, 43 minutes, 40 sec East of GMT); Jamnagar (85E55; 20N56), India.

Key Points:

Puzzle chart data 1:

Finding the actual marriage date among the above four dates:


  1. Since the 7th lord is in lagna, let us use Dwi-saptati sama nakshatra dasa.
  2. To see marriage, spouse use see Navamsa chart. Ve is the karaka for marriage. The planets associated with ASC and 7th house give marriage.
  3. Now taking Ra maha dasa (1994 April to 2003 April) and check it’s placement in D9. Ra is with Ve, the karaka for marriage.

When 2 planets are together they exchange their results as long as they are not inimical. Ra gives Ve’s results. UL and A7 aspect this sign, shows the actual tangible marriage

  1. Checking the antar dasa capable of giving marriage. Mo and Ju are having exchange and since UL and A7 are there in Sagittarius, Mo and Ju are likely candidates. Ma is the 7th  lord, so likely. So Jan 26 and May 9th are likely.
  2. Ma AD can’t give marriage as it’s with Su and it will give Su’s result. There is also an exchange b/n Ma and Sa in D9. Because of this Sa will give Su’s result. Ma will give Sa’s results and Su will give Ma’s results. So, Mo and Me Antardasa are likely to give the results. Ju Pratyantardasa is likely to give marriage due to its exchange with Mo.

Analysisofthe financial situation using D2 – Kashinatha Hora chart:

  1. For looking at finance in hora chart, Narayana dasa is the best dasa to see the results. Vimosattari is not very focused in hora.
  2. Current D2 dasa is Le (from 1996 June to 2005 June). First 1/3rd
  1. Is Vi likely to give marriage? Yes, because the Vi sign is being gives the result of the sign, Le. 2nd rd 1/3rd is given by lord Su. The aspected by UL. In general Ve and Ke are capable of giving last 1/3 result will be given by the occupants and aspects.

marriage. Ke gives the lineage, parampara. Also the lagna and 18. Focusing on the last 1/3 part. There are 4 planets aspecting & 7th house dasa rasi can also giving marriage.

  1. At the time of marriage if you see only Ke active in the dasa occupying. In descending order, SU, Me, Ju and Sa. So from Sep 2004 to June 2005, the Sa’s results will be given. Sa is the sign, it means that the person is getting married for the purpose 6th lord of hard work and 7th lord of desires, placed in marana of growing the lineage. On the other hand, Ve shows for the karaka sthana. No a good period. Finance will be very tight.

sake of love, kama etc…

19. Next dasa is that of Vi. The first 1/3nd result will be given by the

  1. Let us look at the antar dasa. We can rule out Cp AD (Aug 17, sign itself. It is the 2 houses of resources. In D2 chart, if there

98), because it has nothing to do with all the above mentioned significations. A8 there shows problems in marriage.

  1. Let us use 3 part rule. Vi is a srishodhaya rasi so the sign gives

is an exalted or debilitated planet, he will make lot of money. If exalted it gives money easily. If debilitated, you have to work hard to get it. Checking from AL reference is very important in result in the 1st  1/3rd. 2nd  1/3rd  is Me. Last 1/3rd  is by planets D2. Here Vi is in the 10 house of karma. So you’ll be very busy aspecting and occupying the sign Vi. We know that the marriage here is given because of the occupants and aspects.

  1. We have to divide the last 1/3rd (Jan 99 to Jan 2000) by the 5 and busy in the society. Hora lagna is the actual shows wealth and the actual. Gati lagna (GL) shows the power and influence.

Since Ve is the lord of both GL and HL. These results will come planets  aspecting  and  occupying  Vi.  Now  arranging  from in the last 1/3 of this dasa.

descending order, we get Ve, Mo, Me, Ra and Ke. From this Me’s period Aug 22, 99 sounds possible. We’ll have to confirm it with other techniques.

  1. The conclusion is that this person would have got married in May 9th, 1997. ( This was later by confirmed by the concerned person, to be right )

NowanalysisusingTP chart: (Both Rasi and Navamsa):

  1. The conclusion is the current period is not good financially, but the coming years show promise.

 Themeaningofeachhouse in D2 K. Hora chart (chart of wealth and resources):

  1. Lagna shows the true self from the point of view of finance and resources.
  2. 2nd house shows the resources you have at your command.

12. In 96 TP chart, Ma is the hora lord. Not very promising for the

23. 3 house shows the initiative, enterprise and boldness that you Jan26, 97 date. have.

13. Let us look at 97 TP chart. Ve is the hora lord. Ve is the 5th lord

  1. 4th house shows the direction, comfort, happiness from finance.

in D1 placed in the 7th  house of marriage. It forms a nice raja 5  shows your earning ability.

yoga with Me and aspects lagna. This is a sure combination.

  1. 6 house shows the wealth make from the service done and the

Let’s confirm in D9 also. Ve is the 7th lord in 9th house in UL. Me

obstacles you face in the financial matters…

is in the 7th house. Pretty good.

  1. 7 house shows the desires that you have and the interaction
  1. Let us check the dasa running then (May 9th, 97). It is Ve/Me.

you have with others  Perfect. So this also matches with what we just discussed. Don’t

28. 8 house shows the investments, unexpected gains, risks, ups

have to see other years. This is aligning very well.

  1. For curiosity sake, let’s us check 99 TP chart. Hora lord is Ve.

and downs one has in the financial matters. If one has a strong 8th house, he/she could be a gambler.

Ve is in 6th house in D9 which is the marana karaka sthana. 9th

  1. 9 house shows the fortune and protection one enjoys.

lord in the 6th house does not show following dharma.

  1. 10 house shows the money related activity in the society, either making or spending money.

Example Chart 2:

  1. 11 is the gains that you make
  1. 12th is the losses. Loosing or letting some thing go.
  2. AL in D2 is the overall financial image. A2 is the actual wealth and bank balance. A3 shows the enterprise of the person. A4 shows indicator of the comfort. A5 is the event showing his/her financial  ability.  A6  shows,  service  you  do.  A7  shows  thetangible partner or relationship. A8 shows the actual risk that the person takes. Can show sudden change in the financial matters, either up or down. A9 shows the events establish the fortune. A10 shows the activities in society for making money.  A11 shows the tangible profit you make . UL shows the tangible loss.

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