Lesson #40


  1. Badhaka lord in the 12 house is good. 6th house placement is terrible. Badhaka is the unseen enemy. 6th house is the visible / seen enemy.
  2. Lordship shows the agenda and the placement shows the resources at its command.
  • Discussion on mundane charts using Vimsottari dasa and Tithi Pravesha chart.
  • Example chart 1: Discussion on Pakistan’s Independence, Aug 14, 1947, 0:0:01 AM, 5:30 East of GMT, 67E03, 24N52′(Karachi)
  • Example chart 2: India’s Independence chart, Aug 15, 1947, 0:0:0 IST, 77E13′, 28N40′ (Delhi)

Key Points:

  1. Before  getting  started  with  the  interpretation,  check  for  the applicability of the right dasa.
  2. Vimsottari dasa is applicable to all.
  3. Check whether to start vimsottari dasa from Mo or LA, whichever is stronger.
  4. Chandra  vimsottari  shows  how  one  experiences  the  world.

Lagna Vimsottari shows as how one acts in the world.

  1. Prana Pada Lagna (PPL) defines the basis of life and it’s Mo for human beings. PPL should be in trines or 7th from Mo for human beings. For horse Ve should be in trines to PPL, for birds it is Su and for Pigs it is Ra.
  2. Ke should be in trines to PPL.
  3. Surya vimsottari, takes Su as reference. It’s used for spiritually advanced souls and in conception charts (or Adhana Chakra).
  4. In mundane charts, Navamsa (D9) shows the dharma followed, interactions and relations with other countries.
  5. Vipareeta raja yoga starts bad and ends well. Sudden reversal of fortune will be noticed.
  6. Ke  in  the  8th  house  (astama  Ketu)  gives  undiagnosable

diseases. (if it is not in his own house )

  1. Ke and Ra are the planets for terrorism. Ke is the one who executes and Ra is the head of terrorism group. Ke can show religious extremists also.
  2. In D9, if Ra is in the 5th house, it can show deception and clever maneuvering.
  3. For  Taurus,  Libra,  Capricorn,  Aquarius  LAs,  Ve  and  Sa (yogakaraka and LL) conjunction is very auspicious.
  4. 12th   house   shows   giving   up,   relief,   ultimate   happiness, imprisonment.
  5. A8 shows sudden developments.
  6. AL shows new beginning from the point of perception.
  7. The dispositor of the maha dasa lord and antardasa lord can influence the overall results.
  8. Su in the human chart, 6th house, shows the problem from the authorities. In the mundane chart Su shows the problems from other powerful countries (like USA, UK etc…)
  9. Ma in the 3rd house is good. (strong drive and initiative). Other favorable houses are 6 and 11.
  10. Ra in the 2nd house may show death by poison.
  11. Jupiter/Ra dasa or Rahu/Ju sub periods will have some clash.

Generally not a good period for the country.

  1. A6 shows war, war like confrontation with other entities. UL in the nation chart shows tangible loss. A6 is tangible war. A6 and UL together shows losing the war.
  2. Pancha loka Palakas: Ganesha, Brahma (rules air, creation), Vishnu (Ether, akaasha), Rudra (Agni), Gowri.
  3. Kaala Sarpa yoga: Planets start with Ke and end with Ra. In Kaala Amrita yoga, planets start with Ra and end with Ke.
  4. When there are more planets with the maha dasa/Antardasa lord or if there is an exchange between the above said planets and others, then the results given by them in vimsottari will be different. If there are more planets, then arrange them from benefic to malefic.

➢        Ex 1: Assume one has Ve, Me, Mo, Su and Sa in a sign.

Now during Ve dasa, it gives Sa’s result, Me dasa, it gives Su’s results, and Mo gives its own result.

➢        Ex 2: Assume some one has, Mo and Sa are in 6th house, Pisces and Ju is in the 10th house, Cancer. Now due to the Parivartana between Mo and Ju, in Mo dasa, Sa’s results shall be expected. In Sa dasa Ju’s results shall be expected.

In Ju dasa, Mo’s results shall be expected. Here we take first

the Parivartana and then multiple planet yoga in benefic to malefic, order. If Sa was not in Pisces, then in Ju dasa, Mo’s results would be given and in Mo dasa, Ju would give its results, due to the Parivartana / exchange.

  1. A6 and A7 in mundane chart means confrontation and tangible diplomacy going together.
  2. If lord of the any Arudha pada (Ax) is placed in the same house, the lord has to contribute. If the has a graha drishti, then it has desire to do it. When that lord has argala on Ax, then there is some role it has to play during the significance of Ax. Whenthere is a sign aspect, then it has the capability to do it. If aplanet has graha drishti and good relation with the karaka of Ax, then also it can do it.
  1. A5 shows the tangible recognition of the countries abilities in a mundane chart.
  2. A11 shows the tangible gains and fulfillment of desires of a country in a mundane chart.
  3. A9 and A10 being together is very auspicious.
  4. Dasa varga is applicable in human charts. Shodasa varga (16) is applicable in royal charts or in Raja Jatakam (royal charts).
  5. Ashtakavarka shows how a planet gets cooperation from other planets. Vimsopaka, Dasa Varga, Shodasa Varga, Sapta Varga, Shad Vargas show overall tendency to do good or bad. Decides which planet is likely to fructify its results.
  6. D40 (Khavedamsa) and D45 (Akshavedamsa) should be seen for bad/evil karma coming from earlier generations. These are among the shodasa vargas and are more applicable to royal families. These are not usually of importance to common people.
  7. Check for the placement of Tithi Pravesa ASC with respect to natal ASC to see the karmic influence being triggered for that year, which normally supplements hora lord’s placement. Ex: If in 8th – it shows pains from sins, if in 9th – it shows results of good karma in the past.

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