Lesson #38


  • Anantha: Up ward direction: Spiritual rise, understanding


  1. Su and Ma in AL the person is seen as powerful person or leader.
  2. LL and 10th lord together is raja yoga
  3. GL: shows power
  4. If planet is in the last degree of house is called gandanta.
  5. Mo is compassionate, Ve is passionate, doesn’t feel strongly on any thing.
  6. Ve, Ra in 7th house in D9 of mundane annual chart then it shows diplomacy.
  7. Political activity of country is seen from D 10
  8. Lunar New Year chart shows what people/society thinking
  9. Ju in D10 mundane chart shows judiciary. Sa shows old age and down trodden people
  10. How strongly is Ashtaka Varga (AV) shows a planet?
  11. In AV, the count 0 means terrible, 4 average and 8 is excellent
  12. There are 8 AV called as Bhinna AV (LA, 7 planets).
  13. Score above 40 in SAV shows more focus
  14. In TP chart, 9,10,11 house count in SAV is strong, then it is auspicious year
  15. If SAV < 25 (weak), > 30 then it is good. The maximum value is 64.
  16. For functional behavior of a planet, look at it from AS and not from AL
  17. Ta: Bull type behavior, stubborn, and steady, not caring type.
  18. Continued  discussion  on  Bhinna  Ashtaka  varga  (BAV)  and Sarva Ashataka Varga (SAV)
  19. Introduced Transits theory (gochara) and how to make transit calendar
  20. Introduced concept of Murthi of planets

Key Points:

  1. Sa in AV shows quality of working hard. In AV see the qualities of planets not houses they are in chart.
  2. Ma: Bravery, Ju: wisdom, Ve: spirit of enjoyment, Me: Learning ability/adaptability/flexibility of a person.
  3. 9, 10, 11 houses are strong in AV is good. If 6,8,12 are strong means obstacles to the abilities
  4. ASC in AV shows very basic and more important than any house
  5. AV means how other planets are co-operating this planet in AV
  6. If sum of SAV of houses (9,10,11) > sum of (6,8,12) then it is good
  7. Various planets moving in zodiac and how impacting moon is seen from Transits
  8. Transits  from  Su,  Mo  and  ASC  are  important.  Mo  is  most important.
  9. See current transit of a planet from Mo to decide Murthis
  10. For Ju 2,4,5,7,9,11 from Mo is good. Other houses 5,8,10,12 are inauspicious
  11. For  Malefic  planets  (Sa,  Su  …):  3,6,11  from  Mo  are  good houses. For Ve 12th house is good.
  12. Sa, Ju, Ke and Ra are slow moving planets, so if their transits are good, over all consider it as a good period.
  13. See what they stand for in the Natal chart and they fulfill during the transiting
  14. Annual chart, Dasas and Transits together if you read will give better results
  15. Each planet has four different forms
    1. Swarna – Golden (auspicious), if the planet position is 1,6,11 houses from Moon
    2. Rajatha – Silver — 2,5,9 houses from moon
    3. Taamra – Copper — 3,7,10 houses from moon
    4. Loha – Iron (most inauspicious) — 4,8,12 houses from moon
    5. See the current transit of planet and look from Natal moon and make prediction
  1. To see divisional chart transits, take rasi transits (physical experience) only and change natal charts
  2. Vedha: some other planet causes vedha when planet is transiting. Ex: if Ju transiting 11th house, planet in 5th house (Ra) causes vedha. You will see red dot at right top most part of moon transit in transit calendar.
  3. See important planets (yogakaraka) for the matter that you are looking and see how they are transiting from Natal Mo and LA
  4. For Me, Ve, Ju 4th house transit is good

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