Lesson #36

Topics Covered:

  1. General Questions
  2. Mundane Astrology – Introduction
  1. Solar/Lunar Calendars, Suklanta Calendars.
  2. Making mundane charts in the Jagannath Hora software.
  3. Example Chart 1: Lunar New Year Chart of Washington D.C. and Nov 2004 Election Analysis, Financial New Year Analysis.
  4. Example Chart 2: Financial New Year Chart Analysis for India for year 2004-2005.
  5. Example Chart 3: Amantha Chart (Chaitra Sukla PratiPada) of USA.

Key Points:

General Q & A:

  1. In Narayana Dasa, If the sign where we are starting from has Sa or Ke, there are exceptions. Sa always likes to go forwards in Brahma’s progression,  irrespective of fixed,  movable or dual signs. – Normal traditional progression. If Ke is in the sign, he wants to go reverse or the opposite direction. He doesn’t mind fixed, movable or dual sign. Software automatically does this. But, there is option in the software to change it and experiment it.
  2. In case of Ra, Ke being together, consider who is stronger. In case of any issue take Ra as stronger and proceed.
  3. Usage of Sahamas in ND chart is not experimented much and is up for research

Mundane Astrology – Introduction

  1. India – existed before, but on Aug 15, 1947 a new phase and a new entity started for India. If we cast a chart for this time, a new entity is started a new country is born.
  2. 120 years is the paramayush for human beings. For different entities, we have to compress and use different dasa. But, the basis of usage of Vimsottari of 120 years for an entity of a country is questionable. But, using the annual charts like the Tithi Pravesa and other charts like Tajaka charts and so on is not questionable. It is any case compressed to that one year.
  3. This is the independence chart of a country. If the country is already in existence, a time when a draft was signed or so on. In case of India, there is no controversy but in case of several other countries, there is no exact time available.


  1. The paramayush for human beings is 120 years. This is in Kali Yuga. This changes in every yuga.
  2. Hence, instead of depending upon the birth time of a country, which is so questionable, there are a few techniques suggested. There are several calendars – lunar calendars starting from different reference points etc. There are different solar calendars, which have mesha masa, vrishaba masa, mithuna masa and so on. Some people use the sunrise time or noon time where Su is to know the month of the calendar.

Solar/Lunar Calendars: (Amantha Calendars)

  1. Why is Su very powerful at noon time – This is because he is in the 10th house or karma sthana or the Indra sthana. That is why it is very powerful muhurtha. Also called Abhijit muhurtha. Su in 10th  house being a strong muhurtha is more like a thumb rule,

but is not absolute since, Su as a 8th  lord in 10th  house is not good.

  • In Indian calendar motion of Su is not arbitrary, he is at the same degree and in the same Rasi on the same day every year where as its is not guaranteed in a western calendar.
  1. For kali Yuga, Cp is considered very important. For Solar calendars, Su entering Cp (at Makara Sankranti) a new chart can be cast for the capital of the country. Similarly a chart can be cast when Su enters Ar. A new chart can be made when Su enters the Ardhra Nakshatra (6o  in Ge) Consider the country capital for these charts. This chart is used for meteorological purposes. Some people cast Ashada-sukla pratipada chart.
  1. In Lunar Calendar (Some lunar, since we consider all Su, Mo and thither), When Su, Mo exactly together it is Amavasya, then Sukla Paksha starts. When Su and Mo are exactly 180o opposite it is Purnima and then Krishna Paksha starts. The names of the month are given depending on the nakshatra where Su, Mo conjoin in every Rasi. Su. Mo conjoining in Pi is when Chiatra masa starts. Chaitra sukla pratipada chart is used for general happening sin the country.
  1. Some people start a new calendar when Su. Mo conjoins in Li.

Financial events are seen from this chart. This is called Kartika- Sukla Pratipada chart.

  1. It is a common practice to cast one of these charts and see everything from that chart. The ideal thing would be to cast a different chart for every specific purpose.
  2. Chinese calendar is similar to Indian calendar. They consider Su-Mo conjoining in Cp – Magha-Sukla pratipada.
  3. Cp is important for Kali Yuga – since, it is owned by Sa, Ma exalted and Ju is debilitated.
  1. SU entry into Ar is a political chart – shows political happenings at higher levels. Su entry into Cp is also political chart but for low- level masses.
  2. Su-Mo conjoining in other Rasi signs may show other aspects of the country.

Suklanta Calendars:

  1. A new month starts when a new moon occurs. This is called suklanta as it ends (not starts) with Sukla Paksha. Starts with Krishna paksha.
  2. When Su in Ar and Mo in Li is where New Year starts for people
  1. Chaitra Sukla Pratipada chart of US Select the place to Washington D.C – Set the date to any in 2004 from April onwards. This is since we are going to see for the 2004 New Year.
  2. Select Lunar New year – previous – Mar 20, 2004. Su-Mo are at the same advancement in Pi in Rasi chart. The ideal  chart should be made when Mo is slightly ahead of Su by 0.0001 and so on.
  3. For a country,
    1. ASC shows the overall existence of country what people feel in Orissa and in Tamilnadu.
  1. 2 –   resources – agriculture, stocks, money etc.
  1. Full Moon day is considered important for spiritual events since, Mo is mind and 7th from Mo is the desire of the mind and when Su in 7th opposite to Mo, it is the desire of the soul. Hence it is good time for spiritual events. All full moon calendars focus on
  2. 3  house – Initiative, bravery, boldness, climate etc.
  3. 6th house – war
  4. 7th – foreign policies
  5. 8th house – instability, anxiety, unrest to people etc spirituality.house shows the dharma – policies, judiciary for
  1. Performing spiritual pursuit in seashores, middle of ocean, incountry, religiousness of the country – in churches etc caves,  on  mountains  may  have  special  effects.  At  least  in
  1. 10 house in this shows the karma – executive branch seashore it makes sense as, In narural zodiac,
  1. pi shows the watery places, middle of the ocean, rishis, of government
  1. 11th – gains, friends prison, hospitals, seashore, all associated with water,
  1. 12 – losses liquid, and bandhana etc.
  1. Parivartana involving LL Su is in the 8th house and 8 lord Ju is
  1. Cp indicates marsh lands – Bhoo sign associated with in LA. It’s a duryoga – Exchange between 1st and 8th house.

crocodile. Read any classics or books to get what each

  1. Lord of 2nd  house of resources 8th house is not good. sign  stands  for  –  Horary  Astrology  by  Gayatri  Devi
  1. 8 house is the house of borrowing etc. In human charts it

Vasudev  (D/o  B.V.Raman)  or  Varaha  Mira’s  Brihat Samhita/Brihat Jatakam etc.


Making Mundane charts in the Jagannath Hora software.

means getting big money from inheritance, debts (all debts –

karmic, spiritual, financial etc…) This in general shows that there are financial concerns in the country. To see what kind of concerns, we go to …

  1. In software, Change the place to the capital of the country – Go
    1. Parivartana between 9 and 10 lord – Ve & Ma – Raja Yoga.

to Mundane tab – Make Solar New Year chart.

  1. The tabs 2 and 3 are for making solar New Year chart starting from Ar, and Cp. Tab 5 is when Su  enters Ardhra Nakshatra.
  2. Tabs 6 and 7 are Annual Full Moon and Monthly Full

Ve and Ma are terrible enemies. In general in any chart, if there

is a raja Yoga involving Ve and Ma, they will work but with enmity. There will be lot of friction before the results materialize.

  1. In this chart, Ve, Ma Parivartana and Raja yoga indicates that Judicial and Executive wing will have clashes, but will workout

Moon – These are suklanta calendars.

finally. If 10 lord being strong taking part in a Raja Yoga   – Tab 8 – Lunar New tear – telugu/kannada – Chaitra executive will do very well.

lord in 8th is good.

  1. Tab 11 is the financial New Year – Diwali – Kartika
  2. 3

house is of initiative – Malefic Ke aspected by Ju and Ma. Ke

Sukla Pratipada.

24. The dasas tabs in mundane chart shows the Vimsottari and Narayana dasas compressed to one year and show the dasa periods of various houses.

Example Chart 1: Lunar New Year – Washington D.C.

shows headless aggression. Ma will support this. But, Ju aspect

shows that there may be a logical aspect to think wisely and thick of peace. This can get some balance. This obviously happens during Ju dasa.


35. 11H is the house of friends.6th house indicates War and 6L lord in 11H and 11L in 8H shows not a good year for friendship, might encourage war.

47. Select Solar New Year Calendar. Set the date to Feb 2005 and see Previous Financial chart – This will show Kartika Sukla Pratipada chart. You should see the chart starting Nov 12, 2004,

  1. Foreign policy of a country is from Navamsa. It’s a chart of 9:28 am.

dharma and relationships.48. Both LLs Ma and Ke in 12 house and the 8

lord is in LA. The

  1. In Navamsa, Ju is LL in 10th and is in charge of the entire foreign policy. Being 10th house, Ju period is a good period in the karma.
  2. Mo is 8th  lord in 10th  house – This is bad. So, Mo period is not auspicious for travel, foreign relations etc…
  3. In Rasi, LL Su in 8H is bad and during Su dasa, there can be

some anxiety and so on. Su is afflicted by Gk. Md gives poison to others and Gk receives poison from others. Md and Gk are both sons of Sa. In general, if a planet is closely afflicted by Gk, there will be some troubles during that planet’s dasa. If it happens to be Su or Mo it is even worse. Sa at least has some dharma where as Md and Gk don’t have even that.

8  house is of anxiety and borrowing. This in general shows that

the country will have to live on the principle of borrowing, anxiety and losses.


Example Chart 2: Financial New Year Chart Analysis for India

  1. Cast the chart with the place being New Delhi for any month in the year Apr 2004 to Mar 2005. You should see that the financial chart begin from 12 November 2004.
  2. It will be same chart as above, except the ASC is moved to Ge and LL is in 6th house.
  3. 3, 6, 10, 11 are called Upachayas. Upachaya means accumulation.  LL  in  6th   house  means  it  is  good  financially.


Election Analysis:

Especially for Me, 6th th house is good. 7th is not good but 6th and

  1. Nov 2, 2004 during elections, the dasa-antardasa is Mo-Me. It was PVR’s observation that in last few USA elections, Me was

8   are good house for Me. This is because some planets are conducive to accumulation. In general all Malefics and Me are always the antardasa, even though the dasas changed. Any for accumulation.

  1. King or the Ruler of the country is from 10th  lord. This can be lord Ve are forming the Raja Yoga. This is good for

used to check if the ruler has a good time to get re-elected. 10th

India financially. Ve will give both the 5th th

and 12th

lord’s results

house  is  the  executive  wing.  In  general  10th   house  is  the administration (governance) and the 10th lord is the administrator

but, 5

being so strong, it will give its results more.

(governor).  Occupants  and  aspectors  are  other  people  (like


Annual Full Moon Chart (Vaisaka Purmina Chart):


lobbyist’s,   legislators   etc.   who   have   different   agendas)

53.  This is when Su is in Ar and Mo is exactly 180

in Li at the same

intervening or advising in the governance.

  1. Change the date to Nov 2, 2004 and select Solar New Year advancement.  This  is  important  for  spiritual  aspects  in  the country. That determines how the dharma will be upheld in the Chart (starting Cp) – Makara Sakramana for the ruler’s chances in elections.

54. The 9th house is 6th lord Mo and Ke and these are 30

  • LL Ve in 10th house shows that the governance is good. For king, see 10th lords- Ra and Sa. Sa is strong being aspected by more planets – Sa’s dispositor Me gives him an extra vote.
  1. Take Sa as the ASC for the ruler and judge. 5th lord Ve is in 9th another trine of blessings – shows getting power easily.

this  chart  Su  and  Mo  are  eclipsed.  The  dharma  sthana  is eclipsed. Su and Mo nodal eclipse is terrible and there can be plenty of adharma in the country. Mo is BK. In a countries chart BK shows its spiritual leaders. So, there can be troubles to spiritual leaders in the country.


  1. The opponent party is seen from 6th  from 10th  i.e. Cn and the 55. Take 9 lord Ve as ASC and consider that Ve has papa kartari opponent is seen from its lord Mo. Considering Mo as ASC for opponent, Ve is in 6th house – maraka (2nd from 5th). In this case its terrible not just for opponent, but for the total opponent party

from Malefics Ma, Sa on one side and Su, Ra on the other side,

4 malefics attacking him from all sides. So, during this year the people who uphold dharma can be troubled and could be even as well.

imprisoned as there is Su and Ra two Malefics in 12 house.

46. For seeing the political high level aspects see Solar Calendar chart with Su entering Ar.


Financial Chart:

  1. All these different calendars have a purpose and specific charts

need be seen for specific conclusions. Do not see everything in every chart.

Amantha Chart (Chaitra Sukla PratiPada) of USA:

  1. The new Year is starting on Apr 8th  and is starting with an Eclipse this year.
  2. If we make the chart for the eclipse time, we can see important

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