Lesson #35


(Sayanadhi – activity) and in Mritu Avastha (based on age -dead and sad).

b.   2003  May  to  2004  January  is  actually  OK  will  give results of Su being in a friendly house.

Topics Covered:

  1. Principles of Narayana Dasa – 3 parts rule revisited
  2. Education – using Rasi Narayana Dasa and D-24 Narayana Dasa
  3. Relationship with Parents using D-12 Narayana Dasa
  4. Fortune of parents using D-12 Narayana Dasa
  5. Example Chart 1: Jan 11th 1978; 12:23 PM; Methuen, MA, USA

71 W 11’ 29sec, 42 N 43’ 34sec; Name: AS (Tricky chart)

Key Points:


Narayana Dasa Analysis for evaluating Education

  1. Leo Dasa. Sirshodaya Sign. 1st 1/3rd will be of Sign (Le) in this case, the middle 1/3rd will be of planets in it and aspecting it by Rasi drishti, last 1/3rd will be of lord of sign, Su (which is in Prishtodaya sign).
  2. The middle 1/3rd is of Sa (2000 September till 2003 May). Sa is Badhaka in this chart. Middle 1/3rd is not good.
  3. 1st 1/4th  will be of his state (avastha) – Sa is in his enemy’s house so he will not give good results. Sa is occupying the

house of ability (5th) and hence spoiling it.

  1. If Sa is retrograde, it represents strong Karma from the past life so it comes with great effort. In that case, the person will put in lot of effort in that area.
  2. Ma is retrograde and debilitated in Rasi. So that is Neecha Bhanga. If the same Ma had been exalted in Navamsa then it is not that good.
  3. 2nd 1/4 will be of yoga of Sa – There is a Sa-Chandra Yoga. Provided there are other combinations then this combination gives Sanyasa. Sa rules over Mo (mind).
  4. 3rd 1/4 will be of the houses Sa owns (10th and 11th) — This is relatively better period. Lord of 10th and 11th in the 5th house. Also Badhaka lord in 5th house. This is the only period, which has some positive influence.
  5. 4th 1/4 will be of where Sa resides i.e. the 5th house — Here Sa will destroy the 5th house.
  6. The last 1/3rd started in May 2003 and will go on 2006 Jan. the results are of the Lord Su. Su is a malefic.
    1. 1st 1/4 will be of his state (avastha) — In Friends house and being aspected by Ju and he is closer to his debilitation    point.    He    is    in    Nrityalipsa    avastha
  7. A planet in Yuva (Young) age gives full results. If it is in Kumara (adolescent) avastha then it is partial. In Bala (infant) avastha no results. Vriddha (old) no results. Mrityu (dead)
  8. Alertness – Jagrita (100% results), Swapna (dreaming – 50% results), Sushupta (sleeping – 0% results).
  9. Activity (Most important) –
    1. 2nd 1/4th results of Yogas of planet (Su) are given. Su is AK, Ve is AmK. Raja yoga (given by Su/Ve (5th lord+7th lord)), but it is not that good as they are enemies. Su will cause combustion of Ve. Here Su/Ve are extremely close within couple of degrees. Raja Yoga of Me and Su

does not give full results.

  1. In this 1/4th Su will give good results of 5th house but bring down the results of 7th house (girlfriends, relationships). Falling in love is possible (5th lord of emotion and 7th lord of relationship)
  2. 5th and 6th lord is Sankha yoga.5th lord of abilities and 6th lord of obstacles.
    1. 3rd 1/4th is of the houses Su owns (i.e. being 5th lord)(Current period) — This is a good period for putting the abilities to use. If this is the time for deciding the path of his future, this is a good period.
    2. 4th 1/4th is of the house in which Su is placed — Su

being in 9th house from ASC and 6th house from AL — This indicates following Dharma, following wishes of parents, After May 11th 2005 it is good for his Dharma, getting his thinking straight.

  1. If Su is in the 9th house, the parents orders/wishes will be followed
  2. 9th house in Rasi chart is physical protection, Rasi 9th lord’s strength in D-12 will show protection from parents.



Analysis of D-12 chart to find about Father

  1. In D-12 chart, 9th house has ASC in Li (a balanced sign) and Venus/Sa in ASC. Ve in ASC loves pleasures/luxuries. Sa gives hard work. Since it has Ke in the 12th house from Li there so some spirituality associated with Father. Looking at 2/6/10 from the 9th house. 2nd house is the strongest since 2nd lord is there along with Su. Su is the lord of 11th house. Ra in 6th house. So likely careers for father are psychiatrist –Mo/Ra + Parivartana of

Mo and Ju, engineer – Ma and Su in 2nd  house. In fact the person is an engineer who was a Professor.

  1. 4th  Lord  in  MKS  —  Lack  of  interest  in  comforts/Lack  of
  2. 9th house is intangible fortune whereas A9 is tangible mother/Lack of good education.
  1. The 2 1/3rd will be good period 2009 to 2012 is excellent
  1. If any house lord is in 8th from the house then there might be some problem with that house Narayana Dasa of Rasi (continued):
  1. The next dasa is of Virgo from 2006 January to 2011 January
  2. According to 3 parts rule:-  The 1st  1/3rd will be of Virgo itself.

The 2nd 1/3rd of planets in it/ aspecting it, the 3rd 1/3rd will be of Me since Me is in a Prishtodaya rasi.

Using Standard rules of Narayana Dasa:

  1. Take Virgo as ASC (taking dasa rasi as LA), Ra is in LA, Ju is in 10th house and having exchange with Me hence it is considered good.
  2. For benefics being in Quadrants/trines from Dasa sign is good.
  3. For Malefics being in 3/6/11 is good from Dasa Sign.
  4. Sa in the 12th house from Narayana Dasa sign is bad.(only when taking Narayana Dasa sign as ASC and judging chart).
  5. Sa is bad in this chart. Mo is in the 6th house. Mo is a benefic here. 4th/10th house axis is good. Ma in the 11th house is good. Ke is in 7th house, which is bad for relationships.
  6. In Sg there are various Raja yogas for Virgo Narayana Dasa sign. Hence we can conclude that the middle 1/3rd, which is ruled by the planets, is the one which will stand out in the whole 9 years of Virgo dasa.


Dasa Pravesh chakra for Virgo dasa:

  1. Sa is in ASC and in Cancer in this dasa pravesh chart.
  2. If Sa is in Cancer and if Cancer is 1st house or 10th house, then Sa gives very good position to that person. Examples are Indira Gandhi/ George Bush.
  3. Mo and Sa are important for people popular among working classes.
  4. LL Mo (of Dasa pravesh chakra) is exalted in 11th house. Ma a Yogakaraka is in the 10th house and own house giving Ruchaka yoga. Taurus  will give some gains. Ar  is  a good  period for

except for Ra being in ASC which is not good for health. The

results of the planets are in the order of Su as he is the (AK), Ve (AmK), Rahu, Ketu, Ju (PK), Me in that Order. Each antardasa is 6 months. 2009 Jan to 2009 July will be Su. Su is the 12th lord from Virgo and 5th from ASC sign. So some recognition is possible. The next 6 months 2009 July to 2010 January will be of Ve. It will be a good period, Ve is 2nd and 7th lord and he is the

9th lord from Virgo, so a very fortunate period. 2010 Jan to 2010

July is Ra period and results of Ra being in Vi ASC for dasa. From Natal chart he is in the 6th house and hence health problem.

To confirm the same health problem we go to the Tithi Pravesha chart for 2010.

TP chart for 2010:

  1. Hora Lord is Me. Here Me owns 3rd and 6th house. Me is with Gulika/Rahu/Mandi and Su. Ra afflicts the ruler of the year.
  2. Based on the houses owned by the ruler of the year, we conclude that those events will take precedence for that.
  3. Drigdasa that is important for spiritual activity. If somebody has the dasa sign aspected by Ketu, then there is a spiritual awakening. Here Ke is aspecting the dasa sign (the drigdasa is of Virgo here since 1999).

Narayana Dasa of D-24:

  1. We take the 12th lord in Rasi in the D-24 that is for spiritual learning.
  2. For normal (material) learning we take the 4th lord in Rasi chart in D-24 and compare the 1st and 7th from there and start Narayana Dasa from there.
  3. In this example Mo is the 4th lord in Rasi placed in Li in D-24.

Between Li and Aries, Ar is stronger, so we change the “Dasa start sign” to Ar.

  1. From 1990 to 2001 he was running Taurus Dasa. The last 1/3rd career. He will be 29/30 around that time.
  2. the results of the sign are given. The signs are 3  /6 and 9 3 parts rule for Virgo Dasa:
  1. 1st  1/3rd period of Virgo: 6th house from ASC and 3rd house from  Arudha  LA.  Houses  aspecting  it  are  3rd/6th/9th/12th

houses and the padas are A11/A6/UL/A5/A8/A3. A8 shows a

longer break. Since Taurus is being aspected by both A8+A3 there is a possibility that  period caused the drop out of the school.


houses. Since 3rd/9th/12th are involved, change of place can be

37. In 2001 he started Ge Dasa. In the current 1/3(which is the last possible. Also the results of A4/A11 being in Virgo are also 1/3 ), the aspects and conjunctions play a role here i.e. Su and possible. Since UL is aspecting there is a possibility of marriage.

Sa. Su will give the results first and then Sa. Su already finished

  1. Ge and Virgo are neutral signs. his results. Su is the 4th lord of education and is in the 2nd house of resources so it is a relatively better period. From now on the

47. In the last 1/3rd Jupiter’s results are given. Ju is in the 6th house

results of Sa of 9th and 10th and being yogakaraka aspecting Ge would fructify. Sa is in the 8th house give lot of hard work while giving the Yogakaraka results.

  1. For Bachelor’s 9th house is the house.
  2. Sa owns 9th house here. After March 2005 onwards we should see good progress

TP chart for 2005:

  1. Su is the hora lord and LL. Su is in the 5th house (adhimitra sthana) being aspected by D-24 in TP of 2005:
  1. 10th house in Siddhamsa shows education related to profession.

Here the Hora lord is in the 10th house. Also the LL Ve is in a Raja yoga with 9th lord Me. 9th house is the house for bachelor degree and its lord is involved in a Raja yoga and aspecting the LA.


D-12 Narayana Dasa to see relationship with Parents and Parents fortune:

of quarrels. Here Ju will make the person compromise with his

parents. The worst is over.

  1. If a benefic is in 3rd/6th from AL and debilitated you won’t fight, but you will win the situation.
  2. If a malefic is in 3rd/6th from AL you will fight very aggressively, if that planet is exalted you  will win, if that planet is debilitated then you will loose the situation.
  3. Malefic Planets in the 6th from ASC give lot of mental agitation.

And if the same 6th house is well placed from AL then you may win. For example Ma in 6th from ASC and 3rd from AL.

  1. Benefics in the 6th/3rd from ASC give peaceful disposition/complacent/relaxed.


To see what happens to father (what is father going thru):

  1. Go to options take the 9th lord in D-12 and see where he is. In this case it is Li and use that as starting sign calculate the Narayana Dasa. He just concluded Scorpio dasa from 1990 to 2000. Scorpio is the 2nd house from LA. It is a good period for father, accumulating money, good resources, professional success.
  2. The next period of Sagittarius is from 2000 to 2008. The results
  3. The default setting of the software considers the 12th lord of

given by Moon/Rahu/Ke will be given in the 1st


of the dasa.

Rasi chart as seed. This shows how you compromise with you and how you look at the relationship with the parents.

  1. The dasa currently running is Pisces. Pisces gives its results in This can also show some worry related to 5th house (Rahu) and 10th house (Moon). Since Ke is aspecting there might be some spirituality.


the middle. Ju is in a Prishtodaya sign.54. The 2 1/3 is of Ju as he is in the 10th lord, he will do some Moon/Rahu/ketu will give results in the 1st  1/3rd. The order is Rahu/Ketu/moon.

2001 Jan to 2002 Jan — Rahu 2002 Jan to 2003 Jan — Ketu 2003 Jan to 2004 Jan — Moon

  1. Here both Ra and Sa give the results of the LL (which is the person himself in D-12 chart). When effects of Ra take predominance then he quarrels because he is with enemy Mo (6th lord). When Saturn’s effects take predominance his relationship with Mother (4th lord Venus) and Father (9th lord Venus) are very good as both Sa and Ve are friends and Sa is

placed with Ve in Li which is owned by Ve and where Sa is


  1. So all 3 parts Rahu/ketu/moon is not good.
  2. In 2nd 1/3rd Pisces will give its own results. It is the 2nd house as it has A4/AL. Since A4 is aspecting he is more attached to

mother during this time.2nd house is resources and in D-12 it is

the resources given by parents. Also the 5th/8th/11th houses influence.

Jupiterian Karma (2002 to 2005). Also Ju is also the 3rd and 6th

lord so some changes at work place.

  1. Ju in the 10th house brings luck in career.
  2. If 6th house has Moon/Ra there might be some health (digestive) problems. That can happen during Ra dasa or Mo dasa or Pisces dasa/Aquarius dasa.

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