Lesson #22(Part-1)

                                                                                                    Lesson #22

  1. What houses in a rasi chart show whether a person is a real saint or not.
  2. Example Chart 1: Swami Jayendra Saraswati – July 18, 1935; 7:00 pm; 5:30:00 (East of GMT); 79E26 10N42.
    1. Analysis  of  dasa  and  antardasa  indicate  the  arrest  of Swamiji.
    2. Predictions about his release.

Key Points:

Rules to see if a person is a saint:

  1. 3rd house is the house of initiative and drive and 6th house is the house of defeating enemies. If naturally benefic planets such as Jupiter, Venus, Me etc., are in 3rd & 6th from AL, the person does not want to fight and he is not inclined materially. He is very gentle and restrained in public behavior. This combination is generally present in the charts of saints and mild natured people.
  1. Malefic planets in the 3rd and 6th houses from AL are good for materially successful persons like politicians or businessmen. These people are perceived as bold and who hit enemies hard. If there are no planets in those houses, the nature of the signs (malefic or benefic) and the lords of the signs will give  the results. The sign aspect on these houses will give the secondary results. See if there are any benefic or malefic planets in those signs.
    1. If Ma is in the 3rd and Ju is in the 6th from AL, that person’s first instinct is to hurt his enemy, but he won’t. If Ju is in the 3rd and Ma is in the 6th, that person does not have the initiative to fight, but once he decides to fight he will finish the enemy.
  1. For the matters of Dharma and marriage Su behaves like a benefic, especially if he is in a friend’s sign.

Moola dasa and Vimsottari dasas:

  1. To find when the results of various past life karmas are manifested in this life, look at the Moola dasa. This dasa shows the root of events from our past life.
  2. In a saint’s chart, the 9th house and the karma the 9th lord carries is very important. For example if the lord of 9th house is in Deva (divine) Shashtyamsa, a high level of dharma will be granted to that person. And if the ninth lord is in Rakshasa Shashtyamsa the dharma that person follows is defined by a lot of negative

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