Lesson #2

                                                                                                          Lesson #2

Su being in the 10th house is auspicious for any activity. 

  1. Astrology is a probabilistic knowledge of the future happenings in our lives and it helps us to mentally prepare for the good and the bad in the future. Astrology reveals hidden traits in a person’s personality. Astrology can offer remedies for certain bad situations. 
  2. Puranic stories and their relevance to individuals
  3. Introduction to what the planet represents 

Key Points:

  1. Stories of Puranas –took place in the whole universe. (These stories are not to be perceived as simple stories). Most of what is described in these stories is qualities that are with in us. These things happened in the big universe and cannot be perceived. Some Puranic story would unfold within you.
  2. The planets show various aspects of oneself.
  3. Narayana represents whole universe. Each one of us represent a microform of Narayana.
  4. Ju rules intelligence, discrimination and Judgment
  5. Ju is the teacher of gods. All Gods are within us – represents the good qualities in us. Similarly, all demons are within us – refers the bad things within us. Ju represents intelligence. Ju lives in each one of us representing the godly qualities.
  6. Ve is the teacher of demons (good demons). There is micro representation of Ve again within each one of us representing the demonly qualities.
  7. Ve exists within you – rules enjoyment. The enjoyment is referred to high spirits and not meant to be harmful. As teacher of demons, he keeps the demons under control.
  8. Each planet represents different qualities and unfolds within us as that quality.
  9. Su shows the soul within you. Su is the king of your existence.
  10. Ma is also called “Mahi Sutha” meaning son of Mahi (Earth) and is born from the sweat of Siva. Ma represented by Subrahmanya, stands for the initiative, drive and aggression. Ma shows career. Ma shows the drive to do things. Has the same energy as Subrahmanya. Ma governs the spirit of energy.
  11. Mo represents the mind and shows the mood. Mo also represents the shodasa-kalas and the 16th divisional chart – shodasa varga chakra is ruled by Mo. Mo shows the mind – sometimes empty and sometimes full. The moon goes through various phases – 16 in total. Such as happy or sad – this also referred to mood swings.
  12. Me governs the learning ability. He is the adopted son of Ju but, born to Mo and Tara Devi (w/o Ju). Ju did accept TaraDevi and Me  as  a  student.  Ju  represents  an  ideal  teacher  and  Me represents   an   ideal   student.   In   Buddhism   Tara   Devi   is worshipped as mother.
  13. Ju is Satwik planet, Me is Rajasik planet and both are Soumya grahas.
  14. Mind needs some input from intelligence – which  needs  an agent to process it and give it to mind, that is the learning ability.

           i.e. Mo (mind) gets the input from Ju (intelligence) through Me (learning ability)

  1. Chandra eloped with Tara Devi (wife of Jupiter). Bruhaspati is Guru (Ideal teacher). In Buddhism Tara Devi is worshipped as mother. One should look at the manifestation of this story within us. Ju is referred to an ideal teacher and Me and ideal student.
  2. The mind needs agent – uses Bhudha who acts as an agent. Tara Devi shows the expression of intelligence or the female part of the intelligence. Buddha is born from Mo and Tara Devi
  3. Here is a story unfolding with in us. Tara Devi (w/o Ju) is Sthri Shakti is the manifestation or expression of intelligence (intelligence by itself lives in vacuum and means nothing). With this manifestation, is born the learning intelligence. Now Ju (the intelligence) accepts Me (learning ability) as a son, student.  Me now process that intelligence and mind acts on that processed intelligence. So, all the three planets Ju, Me and Mo need be strong in a chart for a person to be very smart.
  4. Intelligence transfers whatever you know to learning ability and transitions to mind. Intelligence = Guru, Learning ability = Buddha (process information) Mind = Mo (execution of information.
  5. Shiva is energy. Shakti is manifestation of that energy. Tara Devi is the energy. Puranic Stories relevance:
  6. Each of the puranic stories could have occurred in a different plane or a dimension that we may not perceive, but a microcosmic representation of it can unfold within each one of us as below. Puranas must be perceived to be eternal truths about you
  7. Each of Vishnu’s avatara is formed with a particular planet’s energy.
  8. Vamana Avatara is formed with Jupitarian energy. Ju is a learned satwik Brahmin. Ju governs the good qualities in you. These qualities are guided with wisdom. The manifestation of expression of intelligence within you. Bali was a great giver, but a demon. Someone being proud about a giving or have pride associated with a generosity represents demon Bali associated with  them.  This  becomes  demonic  in  nature  or  a  demonic quality. You can end this by  surrendering or disassociation. Humility is about giving and pride can be defeated by humility. Vamana is represented by learned humility. Vamana represents this humility. A very learned Brahmin – a dwarf is a representation of humility. Ju takes 12 years to go round the zodiac.
  9. Parasurama Avatara is formed with Venusian energy. Ve was also a Brahmin but is Rajasik in nature. Ve – is the spirit of enjoyment – lives within you. You have material prosperity and sensual enjoyment. When Rama (represented by Su) met Parasurama (represented by Ve) Parasurama lost all his energy and surrendered to Rama. This unfolds into astrological world as when Su and Ve together. When Ju and Su are together, it is meant to be good. This holds true even if Su is debilitated. On the other hand, when Ve and Su are close, Ve loses its energy to Su. This is called combustion. Ve gets combusted. This is called “Maudhyam” Its called in Sanskrit as “Asta Gandha”. Any planet close to Su gets combust (burned). Ju combustion is not bad. The most combustion to any planet happens to Ve. Ve becomes too weak to influence, therefore Su will give result in this example.
  10. There is an exception to combustion. All planets close to Su get combust and become weak except Ra, Ke since they do not have physical bodies. Instead, when Ra, Ke with sun will eclipse Su and make Su very weak.
  11. Kurma Avatara – Sa is discipline and hard work. Without Sa there wouldn’t be any achievement. For those who don’t work hard, he forces on them. He is also called Sani or manda planet. He moves very slowly. He takes 30years – to round the zodiac. One story is both tortoise and Manda move slowly. The other story is of Ksheera Sagara Mathanam – churning the mountain, when  Vishnu  took  the  Kurma  Avatara  and  supported  the mountain while the mountain was being churned. That mountain is our intelligence, the snake (or coil) churning is the tapasya, the nector that comes at end is the result and all the bad things that come in between are to be taken by Siva, that is why we need the guru. Here the discipline and the hard work needed to do all this is what is represented by the Saturnian energy. That is why we will see Sa strong in all of saints. Sa also shows steadfastness, nishkama karma yoga, austerity etc. Sa is perceived as a bad planet, but he puts people to work and makes things happen.
  12. Ju takes 12 years and Sa takes 30 years to go round the Su. After 60 years and they will be where they were at the time of once birth. Its an important event and is celebrated as “shastipurti”
  1. In which area Sa wants the native to work hard depends upon his position in different Varga chakras.
  2. Position in the natal chart is the main thing – shows what one has to go through in life. Transits show the time when one has to go though it.
  3. If Sa is LL or Yogakaraka, it is hardly going to trouble the person even in a Sade Sathi Period.
  4. Rama Avatara represented by Su – the solar energy – Rama belongs to Surya Vamsa, royal family.
  5. Krishna Avatara is represented by Mo. Mo is a sweet planet, has no enemies.
  6. Ma represents Narasimha Avatara. Ma is very anger, energetic, aggressive.
  7. Buddha Avatara is represented by Me. Me stands for learning.

Buddha went beyond Advaita and preached saying there is no god and god is within you. There could be different views people hold on this, but, Parasara mentioned in the classics linking Buddha Avatara to Me.

  1. Ra represents Varaha Avatara.
  2. Ke represents Matsya Avatara.
  3. The correlations above are useful to know the planet to pray for giving moksha.
  4. In Navamsa (D-9), planet in 12th house from Atma karaka (AMK) is the one that is going to give moksha to that native. Praying to that planet is going to put the native in the path of moksha. One of the uses of all the above correlation is to find that planet.
  5. In Matsya Avatara, Vishnu rescues the Vedas being destroyed.

Within us, the traditional knowledge when is being destroyed, Ke is the planet that rescues it. In case of Vedic people and astrologers Ke will be strong.

  1. Ke also  shows  learning  in  a  parampara.  Ke shows  moksha marga in a spiritual path.
  2. Ra shows bhoga marga and rebirth.
  3. Within everyone, there is always a clash between Ra and Ke.
  4. Nature of planets. It is not about enemies but about how   (in which way) they give their result.
    1. Su is a Kroora graha (kroora, it is not papa graha).
    2. Mo changes – He is Soumya graha during waxing phase and is kroora graha in waning phase.
    3. Ma is always kroora Graha.
    4. Me is adaptive planet – can be kroora or Soumya depending upon who he is with. It is a very diplomatic planet.
    5. Ve – Soumya graha
    6. Ra, Ke, Sa – Kroora grahas – blunt and abrupt results.
  5. People with strong Me are very indecisive. With Ju, Ve it is Soumya, With Ma, Su, Ra, Ke, Sa it is kroora. 
  6. The following table shows the qualities of the planets. 


  1. Shad darsanas – 6 of 7 planets are chosen to represent the following
  2. Ju – Vedanta, also called uttara Meemamsa.
  3. Me –  Meemamsa – There is  no clear  decision.  Meemamsa means covering all aspects and analyzing.

       Bhootas (To Be – the state of existence, the state of being)

  1. Not just material world, but all non-materialistic things are also governed by a Bhootas.
  2. Following is the state different planets represent.
    1. Fire (Agni) – state of transformation – Su, Ma represents this state. Any transformation, enterprising person
    2. Vayu – creation – expansion state – Sa
    3. Jala – Relaxed, stability, harmony – Mo, Ve
    4. Bhoo (earthy) – solid, inflexible – leads to consolidation – Me usually belongs to all boots esp. earthy nature.
    5. Akasa (Ether) – This is unseen, all pervading nature that is binding all other states together. JU represents this state. Ex– Intelligence and Wisdom is unseen, but is critical all things.

           Gender of Planets:

  1. Used to determine the sex of children
    1. Su, Ma, Ju and Ra are male planets
    2. Ke, Mo, Ve are female planets
    3. Sa and Me are neutral.

           Gunas of planets:

  1. Satwa – the state of truth, state of purity, it all happens – no pursuing.
  2. Rajas  –  Energy,  passion  –  Higher  state,  actively  pursuing Brahma is associated with this guna.
  3. Tamas – the dark state of existence, lowest state, Rakshasa tatwa
  4. Everyone has all these three qualities in differing degrees and that degree varies with time.
  5. Ke has no guna.
  6. Brahma is associated with Rajo guna, Vishnu is associated with Satwa guna and Siva is associated with Tamo guna. Siva is the only one that can kill Tamo guna. 

Gods for each planet:

  1. Venkateshwara for Sa.
  2. Three sandhya times – at sunrise Su has energy of Brahma, at noon Su has the energy of Siva and at sunset Su has the energy of Vishnu. At noon is called Abhijit Muhurta.Varna of planets:
  3. 4 classes – Brahmin – class of learned people – Ju and Ve.
  4. Kshatriya – warriors – people with energy – Su is the king. Ma is the commander.
  5. Vysyas  –  those  who  keep  the  society  happy,   business, entertainers – Mo, Me – soft natured
  6. Sudras – doing all menial jobs – Sa, Ra and Ke.

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